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So Rise-chan has blog:

See, this is what happens when the res internet blocks the taka-og site for reasons I do not understand. It's been around ages but I'm only just finding out about it. *pout*

But whatever. Because Rise has a blog an there are photos. So many photos! I'm just grinning like an idiot. Look at her! My girl's all grown up and girly! ♥ So full of love. I hope this means she's planning on being in more shows now.

Ahh, this entire week has had my fangirl heart overwhelmed (mostly other fandoms XD).

Also, Doctor Who premiere: AMAZING. So much love.

Project Complete BSc, Year 1 is done!
Well, excluding finals. I've still got five of those to do, three of which are in a row. *headdesk* But otherwise my first year is done! I can't believe how quickly it went. o_0

Even more exciting though, and I've been putting off saying anything for fear of jinxing it, is that I'm going to be going to London for the summer! I've got a working holiday visa, I just booked my plane ticket, now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do as far as accommodation!

So yeah. May 10 - August 25, I'll be living and working in London!!

I... honestly cannot believe it's actually happening. o_0 And, you know, if anyone has any connections over there... *laugh* As it is, I'm going completely blind, because obviously I am insane.

Aaaaaahhhhh omfg somebody pinch me.

Oh yeah, and Storm the Wall? What I was talking about before: have a photo of me being dragged up the wall. XD


Look, I'm making an effort! 8D Honestly, it's probably just best to follow my tumblr since this is pretty much directly copy and pasted here. XP

In which I enthuse over my dayCollapse )



Nearly a month since I last posted, and this isn't even going to be a proper post. Oops. :P

Anyway, I come with a question/request. My res puts on a musical each year and I said I would be interested in auditioning to play alto sax in the band. I never heard anything so I figured nothing would come of it. They just sent out an email though, and auditions will be on the weekend. I'm not entirely sure if I want to now, since I don't have an audition piece, nor will I have much time to practice.

In the interest of seeing what's out there though, I was just wondering if any of you had any ideas. The musical is going to be Copacabana, so jazz would be better than classical (I assume; I've never actually auditioned XD), but at the moment I'm considering anything.

I'd appreciate any and all ideas (and yes, I have been googling the topic, I just thought it would be good to get suggestions from people I actually know).


Flailing IRL

Hanagumi is finally getting an original show and revue! Together! It's about bloody time.
...This really shouldn't be something so rare that I'm this excited. >.>

And Le Paradis!! (apparently we have a thing for double exclamation marks now? XD) is directed by Fujii Daisuke so, you know, pretty much ridiculously excited about that. ♥

That is all. ♥♥♥

Aug. 19th, 2010

I finally watched The End of Time after much procrastination. I... am unimpressed. It was a bit rubbish actually and just... it seems like David Tennant/Ten should have had a better farewell. =/ I mean, there were some really great scenes (mostly those with Wilf, who will always be amazing ♥ Also, cactus-lady is pretty ♥) but as a whole, just... blah. I didn't even cry at the end! And considering my mood last night, that is completely not what I expected.

But anyway, a meme:

◇ Leave me a comment.
◇ I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity.
◇ Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
◇ Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

...I kind of really don't know how I'll do with the asking questions part. ^^;

Questioned by happy_riceball

My Q&ACollapse )

Er, it kind of sounds like I'm neglecting zuka recently but I'm not! Really! I've just not been very vocal about it on here. :P
Except boo, why'd they go with the Love Symphony photo again? I'd rather they be in suits. :P Though Ran-chan, you're pretty. <3
I have good news~ They made the housing decision early, so I found out a few days ago that I got the single room that I requested. :D They also put me in the women's house so, you know, none of those icky boys to deal with. XD I've also been shopping for all the stuff I need and... I can't believe I'm excited about bedding and appliances. Electric kettle! French press! Yaaaay! *headdesk*

Sabrina! I am waiting so very impatiently for the shonichi digest to be posted somewhere. From the photos though... *_* I waaaant~ Ran-chan really seems to be channelling Audrey Hepburn (at least, the photos give that impression). And this dress (gah, the photo I wanted apparently vanished) is gorgeous. <3 ...She may be winning me over. ^^;
THIS SCENE! I can't believe they kept it in. XDD

So I've been playing FFXIII and, really, what is up with the voice acting. *headdesk* The Nancy Drew games (shut up) have better voices. o_0 And god Vanille's gets on my nerves. I couldn't figure out if she was just failing to conceal an accent, or failing at having one. Once Fang showed up though, I figured she was trying to sound Australian. So.Much.Fail. And it irritates me (these kind of things do for whatever reason). :P Not to mention the noises she makes during the battles. o_0 *cough* I really do like the game though. ^^;

And finally, because I'm bored, Animated Film MemeCollapse )

Jul. 23rd, 2010

I really hope that's not saying what I think it's saying. What the hell are they playing at? And... Ami?! D:

EDIT: Okay, missed this.


Jul. 19th, 2010

At Tamo's upcoming dinner show:

望月理世 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

WHY DID I NOT REALISE THIS? I knew about Midori being a guest, for which I was very excited, but I didn't know this? D: Rise-chan and Rene-bou and Rion together with Midori and Tamo?? YES PLEASE CAN I GO? It's a chorus of douki and friends (Rise and Rene are close enough that they went on a vacation to Europe together sometime during their Zuka years)... and R's, now that I look at it, and I so wish I could see them. And Tamo/Midori, obviously, but... RISE! @_@

Though, did they have to use that photo of her? XP Yet I hardly care because she's back! She's performing in something! It's been so long, there are no words to express how excited I am, even if it's just for a dinner show. :DDDD Now please continue with some actual stage shows!!

On a completely different note, the idea of Rika as Melanie in GWTW seems... somewhat bizarre.


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